Why is this still on my mind? I just, sort of, kind of pulled myself out of the new year funk that leaves me wanting to curl up with pets, a scotch and a movie that will make me cry.

We are into March, and I am still thinking of transition.

First off – lets have a short review… Last year I wanted to do a few things

  1. be on a podcast – goal met on Jan 8th! (Fun!)
  2. go to Craftcation business conference – goal met April 9th (SO GREAT!)
  3. do a wedding event – goal met on Oct 1st! (What a whirlwind!)
  4. kick general ass – Boom.

I feel like it was a good year for kNiTpUnK. Now – to make 2017 even bigger and badder.

Now what?

Well, I will tell you what.

Now I am back on to knitting lace, and splattering it with beads like PNW raindrops. I have a new tension bar for my loom that was busted so I can get back to baby blankets and throw rugs. Also! christmas/birthday gifties are all here now – I have 2 circular knitting machines to test out. I have eyes open for product ideas and a few items I lightly touched on last season picking at the inside of my head that need some expansion…Hammering  things is fun. 🙂  I have to get to making items for my shop in earnest. I am also hoping to bring my various loves crashing together (yarn and soccer) in a way that benefits others.

Also on the horizon, a plan for more education. There are workshops and classes I *really* want to take. These will help me to expand my abilities and knowledge so I can provide even more amazing items, but to do that, I will need a little help. These are usually taught by other artists and are never cheap. But the amount og knowledge available out there is IMMENSE.  Keep your eyes on my site… In the near future you will be able to pitch me your spare pennies that I will use for education and expansion of this small biz.


Hellz yeah.