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kNiTpUnK is me. Sundaze. I am the pUnKwEaVeR, lacemaker, beading machine, and all around fiber freak.

I believe each of us has the right to be independent, unique, feel like a ROCKSTAR.

To push against the norms and engage in some PASSIVE ANARCHY.

ok, hold up, you may wonder “What is ‘F’ is with the PASSIVE ANARCHY thing?”, well lemme tell ya.

Lets start this off by defining its ingredients:

Passive: without active response.

Anarchy: a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority.

Now – put the two together – In my vision it is a way to push against the grain. It is squeezing that balloon. It is walking against the flow of the crowd. Not pushing, not shoving, not breaking through the wall or bursting the balloon. Just being unique. Not being a lemming. Not having an VIOLENT resistance, does not mean NO resistance. It is bending with the wind and springing back to our own shape. Anarchy? Non-recognition of authority. Your ability to represent your true authentic self requires a little bit of anarchy. I choose not to recognize many levels of authority. The fashion media, social negativity, news pushers, corporate hustlers, celeb trend makers.These things DO NOT DEFINE ME. These things DO NOT DEFINE YOU.

kNiTpUnK is my venture into making fun and interesting knits for people to love and wear. It is functional three-dimensional soft sculpture art. No two pieces will be identical.  There are no “rules” here on where you are allowed to, or how you should wear these creations. Rock ’em with a hoodie, flip-flops, leather pants. A ball gown or a tube top, plaid knickers and boots, hell, even your damned bathrobe. Whatever gives you joy in your life. Be who you want to be. You are not a lemming. You can rock kNiTpUnK like no one else can because you are YOU.   Period.

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, I have been spoiled by the vibrant cities, glorious forests, epic mountains and the ever awe-inspiring ocean. While I am a proud and loud individual with roots in punk, I may be skirting the edges of tree-hugging hippiedom, except I would not be caught dead in tie-dye and patchouli. I believe very strongly in supporting habits that lead to more sustainability, Upcycling, Recycling, DIY everywhere you can and not pissing all over this amazing planet we live on. We only get one.

Please check out my stuffs and share your moments of #passiveanarchy with the #kNiTpUnK community.

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With love and pyramid studs…    -Sundaze-

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