Buy Local/Buy from a Maker

So a while back this lovely post started bouncing around facebook. Saw a handful of friends post this. I would love to see more. I would love to see all our networks grow!

Wanna find out who you know that is a maker, that you may not know about? Post this on your page and see what cool stuff pops up for ideas on holiday shopping that will have an IMMEDIATE impact on our local economy and a maker/artist/farmers life while taking positive steps to minimize the transport/big oil consumption and fast fashion/trend consumption and waste that comes with buying at……



For many in the production/manufacturing world where output levels are closely monitored metrics can be considered a curse word. HA!

Technically, everything you observe can be a metric. It just takes perspective and observation. Every day we wake up at about the same time. Every day we go through little rituals. Every day the weather happens. Every day we get to deal with traffic/people/technology/environment.

How about instead of moving through life without seeing, without being intentional and aware, we learn to observe and even try to use your lifes little metrics as a knitting/weaving/crocheting inspiration?

I got a chance to take a class by Lea Redmond and get……

Travel with Art

Why just sit and stare at your phone?

What about in a tunnel?

Get motion sick?

There are great things to do with your time. Playing a game, posting meme’s on facebook, twittering about your coffee can chew up minutes, but when you are all done, and you get to where you are going, what have you gained?

I am a BIG FAN of reading, but I tend to get carsick when reading on a bus/train/car. So… MAKE SOMETHING!!

A few ideas: knitting, crochet, rubber-band bracelets, lap loom, small scale tapestry, embroidery, coloring, braiding, sketching, photography, lucet, you name it…

I want to bring to……

From ME – Sundaze

A Note – From Sunday the person – not KNITPUNK the biz –

This is important to me and must be said – since this is my biz, but this biz is me it is important that I am candid and serving my community. Current events cannot be ignored and have had a massive effect on me, my family, my neighborhood and global community.

I work to support my community and will not tolerate hate.

I am a lesbian. I am married to the woman I love. I am a strong,……

Knit Bomb-diggity

I have been posting alot about knit bombing lately.
There are a lot of reasons
1) Free art in the world

we need art
we need to make art
art inspires thought and dialogue

2) unique expression

my art is not going to be like yours
everyone has a different perspective of beauty to share
expanding perspectives by viewing others art is interactive
art can communicate emotions/experiences and spread joy

3) Unlimited opportunity – in particular with the fourth of July coming

Everywhere is an opportunity to make art
US infrastructure provides LOTS of places to install art
4 day weekend – we (yarn bombers everywhere) have TIME to get a bunch of pieces up

Scratch That Itch.

Need something? Before you run to target, why don’t you see if you can MAKE IT?

The universe is full of great things, some greater than others. Like so many items, the ones that are made to solve a problem are more highly used. The ones that you make for others or yourself, tend to have more value. You know what it took. the materials inspire a memory. It has more value than the 1 thing you needed…

Are you able to re-purpose something in your closet? What about a trade? The love and effort and history in an object that has……

Plea to the “allies” in our communities.

To all of the allies out there.

That are loud and “proud” for us queers on social media.
That are shouting love and support from internet rooftops.
I need you to do me a solid.

Along with shouting love and support (I never want to take that for granted) I need you to do something harder. Something that will cause discomfort.
Something that requires intention and directness.
Something that may put you at an emotional risk.
Something that I need you to be strong for.

I need you to engage those around you, in your daily life, and educate, debate, help people that……

Fiber Harvesting and sustainable practices.

I am building a revolution of Passive Anarchy. Hashtag #kNiTpUnK and/or #PassiveAnarchy so I can find you on the interwebz. Come join me…    Click here: —-> Hell yeah! I’m In!

We are killing ourselves.     I am sure you know this.

We need to be better and better about leaving no mark on the face of this earth and maybe even help it heal from the marks of those who came before us.

There is a growing awareness of health and sustainability when you talk about farming and food. About decreasing litter and waste. About ditching petroleum products. About doing what is……

Color and Memory

Color is such a notable part of our lives, and we often take for granted how much it triggers our memories. Like smells or music, your brain-pan will file small bits away and as whole days fade away, snippets of moments are captured, in your subconscious, till that color/tone/lighting reminds you of something from your childhood, or your teens, or that time you married….years pass, but there is, like it was just moments ago, in your minds eye.

Along with my own opinions on this based off my own experiences, as someone that is hugely effected by color, there is some science……

Craftcation 2016

This early April I got the chance to do something amazing.

a conference.

ok – for many of you that is FAR from amazing. Still, this is my 1st conference that I attended to improve my skills, knowledge, network and focus of kNiTpUnK…

wow. it was a doozy.

Not only did I get a motivational kick in the arse, I was able to meet with so many intelligent, charismatic, savvy and talented people (mostly women, but not all!) in a really condensed period of time.

I have plans to improve my website, my etsy, my social media strategy, my unboxing experience…. AND NEW PRODUCT IDEAS!