Busy is good! No stagnation. Object in motion stays in motion, etc. etc etc.

Calm is good! Peacefulness, mindfulness, rest and self care, etc. etc. etc.

Being able to balance the two is GREAT! (I sure don’t think I have gotten even close to mastering that yet… )

I am happily active in a few big things that end up taking up a majority of my time.

  • One is my day job. I am working for a local, family owned business that is full of sports fans and is focused on quality of work, not personal appearance. This allows me the freedom to be myself 24 hours a day. I cannot begin to tell you how much sanity I derive from this.
  • One is local soccer. I proudly volunteer my lungs, body and passion to inspire others to support the Portland Thorns and Portland Timbers soccer teams. This is joy, work, exercise and social/sporting event all rolled into one. It can cause form some seriously exhausting weeks during the year.
  • One is my fiber addiction. This thing. Right here. kNiTpUnK. Passive anarchy. Doing something that provides meditation. Making something with my own hands that brings me a sense of accomplishment. Knowing I have a skill and an ability that I can barter and trade with. I have value in a fallen society – if our system/government goes that route. Keeping skills alive from my forebears. Mental floss.

Balancing these things with other daily life that requires I feed the dogs, cats, myself and my wife… Chores… Keeping in touch with family… Special events and celebrations… All these things add up. The time is fleeting, and even though the calendar is not “full” and I do not plan months in advance, it seems all the time is slipping through my fingers. Getting things done and taking care of myself is always a tightrope act. I need sleep, but I need to get my ass to work. I need a bath, but I need to complete a commission.

Don’t get me wrong, I would not have it any other way. I am not going to “grow old gracefully” I am going to run on premium until I cannot run anymore. My life needs to be lived. Sometimes that living is sitting and knitting or weaving and hanging out with pets and wife. Sometimes it is yelling at 3K of my closest friends at a stadium. Sometimes it is having giggles when truck drivers show up and realize that not only do they have to deal with a woman, but one with a green mowhawk. 🙂

Live your life. Care for the people around you. Care for yourself. Do what brings you joy.

Practice your passive anarchy – push against those rules – ever so slightly – every single  day and let your self shine through the box the world wants to try to force us into.

With love and pyramid studs….


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