So a while back this lovely post started bouncing around facebook. Saw a handful of friends post this. I would love to see more. I would love to see all our networks grow!

Wanna find out who you know that is a maker, that you may not know about? Post this on your page and see what cool stuff pops up for ideas on holiday shopping that will have an IMMEDIATE impact on our local economy and a maker/artist/farmers life while taking positive steps to minimize the transport/big oil consumption and fast fashion/trend consumption and waste that comes with buying at mega stores.

Copy and Post me:

Starting in October, I would like to buy as many Christmas gifts 🎄 as I can from Facebook friends who own small businesses. Whether it’s handbags/totes👛, jewelry💍, wine 🍷, clothes👗, handmade crafts 🐚, fitness, art, photography💐 or items for the household 🍶 — Why not buy from those we know?!!?
I have a lot of friends who have their own businesses!!
Please Post ONE link to your business below!

With love and Pyramid Studs…


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