Color is such a notable part of our lives, and we often take for granted how much it triggers our memories. Like smells or music, your brain-pan will file small bits away and as whole days fade away, snippets of moments are captured, in your subconscious, till that color/tone/lighting reminds you of something from your childhood, or your teens, or that time you married….years pass, but there is, like it was just moments ago, in your minds eye.

Along with my own opinions on this based off my own experiences, as someone that is hugely effected by color, there is some science too! There are studies on how color can effect the memory and retention of data – and how it can effect our learning skills. Of course, those links are all science-y and I am getting all emotional (like I do) about this.

I love to play with color. I love to pair fibers/colors to tell a story or create emotion. To make something out of the *just perfect* custom dyed fiber to match that flower/dress/house-paint/graffiti or to take that mohair from 1963, the orange/brown/split pea green one, that may not be my favorite color scheme and find a way to pair it with other colors to give it new life…

Color brings me back to places/times that only exist in my memory. Here are some that make me smile/think/ponder (I hope that I can describe them clearly enough!)

  • hay yellow/rust red in a hot dry summer afternoon makes me think of playing in the old rusted school bus by my grandparents barn with my cousins. My grandparents were square-dancers with the Crazy 8’s  and had modified this 1960’s bus to accommodate road trips, with a mini kitchen/cots/table like an RV is today. As a little kid this bus was *magical* …
  • warm brown/ocher/pale gold glow in a cozy window with my moms profile. This is a photo, maybe? maybe not… may just be the only thing I remember from crib life. Dark brown of the shadows with warm light shining in, and my mom, staring out the window. I don’t know if I should have been napping or just woke up, or more likely, was in a *time-out*  😛
  • bright searing blue of the oil and sand toy at my grammas house. Seriously. This thing was entrancing. deep blue oil trapped in a thin plastic casing with black and white sand. The oil/sand combo had some intentional air bubbles and would cause the sand to move slowly and pool into crazy space age buildings and odd structures every time you flipped it over – like looking at clouds for shapes.
  • super saturated greens of parks and spring in Portland – Nuff said. Well, not enough said if you aren’t familiar with the great Pacific Northwest and words like Pluviophile and Petrichor… The greens (actually most all colors) here in PNW absolutely POP with saturation and brightness! The dark pine needles, the soft moss, the bright new leaves of so many different trees and all the new growth pushing up through the moist soil. Can ‘t you just smell it?
  • Washed out grays/blues/sand of Northern Oregon Coast beaches in winter. The semi hard sand not quite squeaking or crunching beneath your feet, the sharp salty tang on the wind, the same wind gusting and playing havoc with your hair/hat/hood, the awesomeness of strength and enormity of the Paciifc Ocean, the preponderance of shade and tone in a single wave structure, the tiny dots on the horizon line of brave/crazy/dedicated fisherman battling nature to feed their families, the last moments of a sunset when the fiery orb hits you like a spotlight and the amazing amount of color that peeks through at the horizon line after a day of being trapped in the thick overcast cloud-banks like being on the other side of a down quilt all day.
  • Deepest teal/azure only spotted on a clear evening when one side of the sky above our world is barely beginning its twilight and the other is full dark and beginning to become glittered with stars. When the warm drops away and the bonfires get lit, or the nightcaps are poured, or a cigar is shared with a father/friend/uncle/sister/wife/lover. When the neighborhood goes quiet and people relax in the peace of the stillness.

These colors and places are all deeply part of me. Who and what I am. It is very likely that the richness of color and saturation in the world I travel through and observe has had a strong hand in being the guide of my decisions about what to produce for joy. This will continue to be my guide. This is my vision, my love, my life and my interest in making art for you.

I want to hear more color stories. I want to experience more of the world than just what my eyes can see. I want to see the world through different eyes and maybe observe different details. Please take a few minutes to reply in the comments or email me with a color story of your own.


I want to learn more and more and your vision is amazing and different from mine. Tell me a story that a color makes you remember something from before or feel a special joy or sets you at peace.

Always with love (deep velvety blues/violets/reds) and pyramid studs (chrome/steely/shiny!!)

— Sundaze —


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