The swinging door, the year changing – the frightfully awesome thrill of a new endeavor….

2016 was full of highs and a lot of noteworthy lows. It was not all bad, and we ave come back to this change in the calendar, Time to re-set our auto pilot to sign 2017 (good luck with that).

While negativity is not needed, there is much sarcasm and and a healthily jaded perspective from many of the people that lived their youth in the 80’s. Icons and heroes have left our world and we ask “who do we aspire to now?” I would like to remind you all, we can still aspire to fill the shoes of the icons and heroes of our youth, especially by understanding the best parts of them, taking steps to be kind, giving, strong, outspoken and in essence, a hero or icon to someone living through this here and now as a kid/tween/teen/young adult.

You are now a someone to look up to.

Be active in our country and it’s management.

Take action to improve your home/community.

Do the little things every day that care for our planet.

Be joyous AND responsible. I know you can. I see you.