Fears drive many of our assumptions about ….. things.

Be it fears of exotic other people, or lifestyles you don’t comprehend, those foods that seem odd or weird, a regions risks and weather, the social standing of whole groups, even religions and their followers, or small challenges to your daily habits.

If you have fear of something, and you don’t address it, it becomes a monster. This isn’t a “it might” kind of observation. IT WILL. The longer you let that fear simmer, the more intimidating it gets. The hydra grows more heads. The werewolf gains sharper teeth and longer claws. The boogeyman in the closet becomes a door to a whole WORLD of boogeymen. The more you find “evidence” that makes you fears seem more and more palatable/legitimate.

Don’t be the victim of your own fears. You may end up hurting yourself, and likely others, in the process.

On a makers scale, fear of a new thing, a new tool, a method can drive us away from trying something. The “impostor” complex in your head telling you that you need more education or training or some piece of paper from an institution before you can do a thing.


Step up and give it a shot, and make sure not to beat yourself up about your freshman effort. Learn from your mistakes. Try something a different way. Maybe it isn’t “approved” of technically, but you may get a result that brings you joy. That is how new styles, palettes, stitches, designs are created – someone turned their back on the “approved” way. If they only did it the way they were trained by an accredited higher party, we would still be in the dark ages.

I am not saying that education is not valuable. IT IS VERY VALUABLE!!! Just don’t let the lack of education stop you from seeking knowledge and trying. Thank you interwebz, there is LOTS to learn for free out there and even more for just a few bucks.

So do something, make something, talk to that person you see that seems exotic and LISTEN. Sit with your elders, chat with the guy next to you at Denny’s, look under the hood at the auto shop, hell, go touch bases with your old woodshop teacher.

Try making something new.





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