A Note – From Sunday the person – not KNITPUNK the biz –

This is important to me and must be said – since this is my biz, but this biz is me it is important that I am candid and serving my community. Current events cannot be ignored and have had a massive effect on me, my family, my neighborhood and global community.

I work to support my community and will not tolerate hate.

I am a lesbian. I am married to the woman I love. I am a strong, independent loud woman. I am a survivor of sexual assault. I believe that there is a way for us all to love those we love and if we don’t love something, it is not meant to be in our life. Leave it, move on, look away. Do not, under any circumstances, take out your discomfort and personal dislike on whole communities/schools/theaters/churches with an assault rifle.

Do not assign blame to a single religion (or race/ethnicity). Many people across our globe are active in religions for community, camaraderie, structure and it feels whole and right to them. That is fine. Any time you use religion (race/ethnicity) as a “reason” to do harm, cause harm, inflict any abuse or pain (physical, emotional, mental, psychological) you are no longer ascribing to ‘love thy neighbor’ or ‘do no harm’. You are promoting hate. It will not stand.

We all walk through our lives in a forest of people. Like trees, each person is unique. Some are very similar to others and some are very different, but they all have a place. Respect them in their own places and leave them to grow.

I am anti hate
I am anti violence
I am anti all the hate, racism, bigotry and violence in the name of religion, business, government
I am pro choice.
I am pro gay adoption
I am pro feminism
I am pro family
I am pro immigration
I am pro gun licensing
I am pro healthcare to all
I am pro education to all
I am pro eating healthy 
I am pro marijuana as medicine and available like tobacco and booze. 

Basically, live, love, be happy.