I want to be able to provide some value to the world around me besides just making things to keep you warm and me happy.

Based on my 16+ years of knitting experience and years of other arts/crafts/interests and experiences in my over 40 years, I have a few bits of goodness to share.

1) Taking a risk is good. You never know how amazing this thing is going to be until you do it. You can be smart and not take “stupid risks” that endanger your life or the lives of others, but maybe risking a new stitch idea or slapping 2 colors together that seem odd, or trying to use a tool in a different manner, it may just open the door to a whole new facet of your world! It also seems to me that a majority of the regrets I hear from others is NOT taking the risk, trying the new thing, travelling, spending time experiencing fun and life. Not the other way around.

2 ) Ignore the “cool kids”. You can absolutely have icons and people as mentors and folks you look up to that help you grow, but those “mean girls” and “frat boys” that are on the edges of all the drama – ditch em. They do not have growth in mind and your probably only holding their attention because they either want something from you or find some entertainment out of stirring up shit around you and watching you wade in it.

3) Foster critical thinking. When you see something/read something/get tagged in a statement post, stop and re-read it so you understand what is being said. This usually brings up questions. Dig into those questions. When you see something hand made, look closer. You don’t have to learn how to do everything, but understanding the idea of a process may advise you on your next steps, how you view the things in your world or ways to change your thoughts/processes.

4) Define the difference between need and want. The world is constantly selling us EVERYTHING. Media manipulates our cravings. Learn what you really need and what you want because it is shiny and new. Will you wear it? Will you use it? Can you imagine yourself having this thing in your life in 5, 10, 15 years? If not, walk away. You will grow into a more independent self and find ways to create/upcycle/repair the things you do need and in turn become a more whole and unique person for it.

5) Grow a pack. A tribe of people that truly just want to see you succeed. That want your input on their success. That are available with a shoulder, and ear, constructive criticism, honesty. These are the people in your life that will be there, even if you rarely see them. Those ties that grow over experience and sharing and time. Many call it family, but this is your family of heart, not blood. These are the people that you share your big news with, that you call when you are stuck. Not because they can fix it or do anything, but because you know they will listen and care and probably provide either a clap on the back, a hand up or bring you down a peg – whatever is really needed.

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With loud music, love and pyramid studs…


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