We all have a bunch. Or a little. Based on perspective.
My opinion is that how you choose to use your time is tied into your core being. I understand that while this may not be everyone view, it is my bloggity and is full of my assertions. So. Read on. I continue to consume a small part of your time in showing what I observe, and listen and watch and realize as I troop around on this big blue marble. What is amazing to me, as I age, is that many have no idea how they handle (or don’t handle) thier time and their uses/choices that affect how they live their lives.

In so many facets of our lives we are trained to think in polarizing ways. You are a Have or a Have-not. You are straight or you are gay. You are a woman or a man. You are a democrat or a republican. You are pro life or pro choice. You love brussel sprouts or you hate them. PISH-TOSH! I think truly, we are all mostly a combination of these – a sliding scale. There *are* stong black and white issues in this world, but a majority of where we fall in those issues are shades of grey tempered and affected by the experienced we gain as we stomp through mud and puddles. How we each make use of our own individual and uniquely finite amount of time is no different. There are 2 polarized ways of handling time that I see:

  • The budget-er – someone who plans out every minute, so your events are planned ahead, your projects are completed early, your daily habits are ritual and comfortable, and there is stability.
  • The pressurized – someone who does their best work under deadline, cleans the house 30 minutes before guests arrive, likes to get where you are going then explore with the only limitation is getting back to the return departure on time.

There are also always topics in our lives that take precedence – regardless of the timing – due to their importance in our lives, sense of self, what we have currently set as our “valued” things. Primarily these are our loved ones, be the children, parents, pets, lovers… Our work – being a sense of self for many. These can run roughshod over your plans/efforts to time manage since they have so much value that they take precedence. What tends to fall by the wayside after the “VALUED” parts of our life we interact with is our self care and our joy (really, that is also just another form of self care). We need to be happy and healthy to be whole. If you are only focusing on work or caring for others, you are not caring for the self. That means a few things, 1) you undervalue yourself 2) you find worth in external things 3) you do not recognize that your self, your persona, your body is the ONE THING that was with you at your birth, when you learned to read, when you starred in the school play, when you got your first job, when you got married, when you had to deal with the death of a loved one, this is the one thing THAT WILL BE WITH YOU TILL YOU DIE.

Don’t squander your self.

Don’t squander your time.

Cherish the time you spend at different things, be them work, play, love, travel, eating, snuggling, exercising… All these minutes are precious and make up the shades in your world that paint the picture that is you.

Well – that is my current rant… With loud music, love and pyramid studs…


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