You may have also noticed, the webpage had a bit of a “makeover”. There is more info, access to social media and photos of my work. Please poke around, share this page with your friends, subscribe to my mail list and check back!

I keep hearing this week “A rising tide lifts all boats” and it makes me think about doing what I can to raise the “boats” in my network. These are local makers in the Pacific Northwest that all have their own skill/ability and are sharing their talents with the world.

Give a peek to the “kNiTpUnK Creative Tribe” on the right side of the home page (or at the bottom if your tab is all skinny). It includes these awesome people:

  • Kirista Trask – Abstract artist. She does some amazing and vivid stuff with paint and texture. I am honored to have a one of a kind that I keep my sketches in.
  • Sarah Meranda/Magpie Mouse Studios – Metal, enamel, fiber, beautiful and organic, one of a kind jewelry. I also am lucky enough to get to wear some of this woman’s creations.
  • Nicole Whitfield/Rose City Crafter – Stitching super sweet items for you and your babes with some super creative and adorable crochet work, too.
  • Sarah J. Handmade – This is an adorable boutique shop in Multnomah Village in SW Portland that is stocked with unique goods created by local artisans. Go check it out out. Say Hi! to Sarah and Carly while you are there.
  • Rusted Traveler Designs – Hand screened gear for you to wear.  All designed and produced by a killer dude, Kevin.
  • MarshMueller/Holly MarshMueller – Durable and useful and attractive goodies for your wee ones. Also, photo and print work. Love this!
  • BV Imagery – Photog especial. Stunning work. Super creative chicka. You need to check out her style.
  • KL Family Photography – Seriously. The whole damned family so talented. Had my wedding gift to my love taken by Kristin and the best shot ever of my little ChiChi Lola was taken by Kristin’s daughter.

So… this web page… I will keep updating it, adding photos of knits, wovens, raw fiber, and HOW YOU ROCK IT! (This one requires some help from all of you.) If you have ANY item I have made in the past, send me a pic of you wearing/using it/in situ. I would LOVE to see your ways and your self. In the land of knitting and weaving, I am looking forward to designing some unique art pieces, some more masculine/non-gender specific wearables, and having a wee mail list contest. (You can only get involved in that treat if you are on my mail list. So go subscribe.)

Keep making.

Keep doing what makes you happy.

Keep enacting your own Passive Anarchy.


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