Women, artists, mothers, makers, aunties, entrepreneurs, daughters, business owners, wives, inventors… This is directed at you. And your mates. And your friends. And anyone that has dreams.

I am not terribly savvy to the land of the podcast. Still, an amazing friend that is a stunning creative turned me onto a few particular podcasts I have been listening to since about May of this year. They are basically my “driving music” now (and listening juice on sporadic runs). Might as well take that time to learn stuff and learn about my self and others doing what I want to do, right?  Fairly often there are AH-HA! moments. I try to remember them all, but it is fleeting, since I am also dealing with other Oregon drivers that won’t even touch the speed limit, have no idea how to merge, and apparently bought luxury automobiles that do not come standard with turn signals. (grumblegrumblegrumble)

This lovely day though, I came across a ‘Raise your hand, Say yes’ podcast by Tiffany Han and she is interviewing  Tanya Geisler on the impostor complex.

WOW. This time it stuck. I plan to listen to it again. Odd right? That’s like re-reading a book. (I’ve done that too)

About that impostor complex. I know I battle with it, I know everyone battles with it, but the perspective, the observances, the fact it has a name and can be identified means we can recognize it and take away its power, and come into our own. It is one of those bastard voices in your head. It is one you should be removing from power. That bastard is there to hold you back and build up excuses for not taking action. Don’t be bullied.

So – with that said, give it a listen.

Episode 15. The Impostor Complex

With love and Pyramid Studs – Sundaze

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