1 vendor day under the belt and 2 more pending. The first is the Urban Air Market in the Pearl on Sunday 8/30. I am anxious because I have to get from there (pull-down begins at 6 pm) to the Thorns match (kickoff at 6:30) and figure out the logistics of moving/storing the tent/table./supplies in a secure space and hustle up the hill.

On the flip side, I am super amped because I get to share my spot with a bestie and amazeballs artist Sarah Meranda who is the artist/sole proprietor of Magpie Mouse Studios. This woman is a CONSTANT inspiration. We are gonna sell all day and then cheer all night.

We are going to be wiped!

Then I have a 2 day a week later (Sat and Sun 9/5 and 9/6) at Vancouver Mall. I have no idea where this is and I have no idea if this is a good location for my materials. Bonus, it is a shared tent. I just need to bring a table. Much less pack-out.

Looking ahead to future vending, I would like (if i have stock available) to do one more closer to Christmas, but I think that building stock, that is available year round on Etsy, and 2 or 3 well planned vendor events is a good way to go. I know I make fuzzy things and no one wants to purchase wool in 90 degree weather.

Damn this common sense.

See you in the Pearl before the Thorns match!  Then on labor day weekend in Vancouver!

PS – Check them out!

And Market at Vancouver Mall


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