I have been posting alot about knit bombing lately.
There are a lot of reasons
1) Free art in the world

  • we need art
  • we need to make art
  • art inspires thought and dialogue

2) unique expression

  • my art is not going to be like yours
  • everyone has a different perspective of beauty to share
  • expanding perspectives by viewing others art is interactive
  • art can communicate emotions/experiences and spread joy

3) Unlimited opportunity – in particular with the fourth of July coming

  • Everywhere is an opportunity to make art
  • US infrastructure provides LOTS of places to install art
  • 4 day weekend – we (yarn bombers everywhere) have TIME to get a bunch of pieces up
  • making the world bright is ALWAYS a great idea

4) Global expense of explosives/fireworks economy

  • minimize the purchase of fireworks and create less demand
  • share with others ways to celebrate without chemical/violent explosions
  • less sales means less $$ spent on oil/tankers/packaging/poor labor practices
  • Minimize the amount of smoke, fumes, gasses and byproducts of fireworks left in its wake

5) Trauma on Pets

  • Bright flashes, pops, bangs, these all freak out your family
  • debris is small enough to eat – can cause major health issue
  • some materials leave chemical debris on plants and environment you cannot “toss in the trash” and WILL be consumed through paws, licking.
  • They don’t understand and you are likely outside with noises/flashes while they are inside WORRIED TO DEATH FOR YOU.

6) Trauma on Vets

  • The “fun” explosives on the 4th are usually the ones that have been banned in urban areas for safety. These are so powerful that they mimic sights sounds of battle.
  • Even little fireworks put off smoke/light that is non-civilian in nature and can trigger memories/events to reoccur in hearts and minds of vets.

Think about the effects of your few moments of “play” with explosives and the long term/far reach effects it has on others. It is an economy that does not give back to our environment – at all.


Lets make art. Lets share love. Lets care for each other.



Always with love and pyramid studs.

— Sundaze —

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