For many in the production/manufacturing world where output levels are closely monitored metrics can be considered a curse word. HA!

Technically, everything you observe can be a metric. It just takes perspective and observation. Every day we wake up at about the same time. Every day we go through little rituals. Every day the weather happens. Every day we get to deal with traffic/people/technology/environment.

How about instead of moving through life without seeing, without being intentional and aware, we learn to observe and even try to use your lifes little metrics as a knitting/weaving/crocheting inspiration?

I got a chance to take a class by Lea Redmond and get a signed copy of her book Knit The Sky and it is a wonderful way to change perspective. To look around you for inspiration you generally overpass. To be more aware of the world around you. To get some joy out of little things.

Using this technique of metrics driven creation you are able create special items of beauty that are wholly individual and unique. One of a kind items, and you get to let the universe drive the creations. Look at you world – everything can be given a “color” then it is a matter of what do you want to make?


out of state plates seen while driving – state colors

weather – temperature gauge

everything you fill up on gas – mark a color with the last digit on your reciept

night sky – starry? cloudy? Moon out?

Mood – check in a couple times a day

Assign each of these a color… paint them, weave them, photograph them…use the ,ethics to add organics to your medium and see what suprises you… maybe you can incorporate this idea into other items you may be making?

What can you observe around you to build something unique and one of a kind? Shoot me a note. Email me at and let me know how you would use some extra daily metrics for inspiration!

With love and pyramid studs,


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