To all of the allies out there.

That are loud and “proud” for us queers on social media.
That are shouting love and support from internet rooftops.
I need you to do me a solid.

Along with shouting love and support (I never want to take that for granted) I need you to do something harder. Something that will cause discomfort.
Something that requires intention and directness.
Something that may put you at an emotional risk.
Something that I need you to be strong for.

I need you to engage those around you, in your daily life, and educate, debate, help people that have fears, help people that brush us aside, help them understand.
Show them the pain and terror of this attack as if it was made against their immediate family.
Show them how much silence hurts.
Show them that their language matters.
Show them … Help them… Help us all.

We need people outside of our community to acknowledge that the hate our community endures could be hate transferred to any number of protected groups, classes, religions, ethnicity…
Take your praises of love and support and turn them into action. Initiate discussion, debate with intent, create interaction instead of silence in quiet corners, expand awareness by the water cooler, find another ally at the mechanics, start a town hall with kids at the mall.

Acknowledge the history of hate we have survived thus far and take active steps to change the views in your communities.

Everywhere non-LGBTQ people are (so, basically everywhere) is an opportunity to have dialogue, to make something more than a “small talk” conversation to fill the silence.

Be a an *active* ally. Do more than shout off internet rooftops into the melee of hundreds and thousands of voices already yelling about something from their internet rooftops. Your voice in that state could be one of thousands facing into the oncoming wind of a hurricane on a plain… Snatched and dissipated… unheard…

Hopes and prayers and changing your avatar on social media will not enact change.
Educating and bringing awareness in people will.
Making our community reality clear to those that don’t see will.

That is my request.
That is my plea.