Need something? Before you run to target, why don’t you see if you can MAKE IT?

The universe is full of great things, some greater than others. Like so many items, the ones that are made to solve a problem are more highly used. The ones that you make for others or yourself, tend to have more value. You know what it took. the materials inspire a memory. It has more value than the 1 thing you needed…

Are you able to re-purpose something in your closet? What about a trade? The love and effort and history in an object that has been worked, loved, created cannot be bought. That hammer you got from grandpa? The hand crocheted blanket? The hope chest that was passed down. Even that one great knife for carving the turkey… like dad used to.

All these things have added value because of sentimentality. They also are STILL AROUND. The workmanship put into creating these objects was great. They hold value in uniqueness and durability.

How about you make your own memories to pass down? What about building your own “slow fashion” capsule by re-working what you have into something you love? (or donate it to a shelter and buy from a local artist). Get those boots re-soled, instead of chucking them and buying a new pair.

How can you save the planet by not BUYING but instead BUILDING? If you have an itch (pain point/annoyance/need/want) why not try and scratch it yourself first?

Always with love and pyramid studs.

— Sundaze —

Along with all this, I am building a revolution of Passive Anarchy.

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