I am less than a week from handing off my fall creations to the Sarah J Jewelry boutique!

I am 1 month away from Multnomah Days where I will have my lace/detailed knits on display and for sale!

My domains are now routed here. Thanks and praises to help from Ian – the wordpress guru!

Basically, the world keeps turning. I am jumping back on to WIP that has been left hanging. Part of this is due to a local fiber/spinning/weaving/knitting shop that is closing its doors. I was able to aquire linen fiber to work into the project currently warped on Hedwig (the 10″ loom). I am about 1/2 way done with the rainbow gap project on Eartha (the 36″ loom). I expect to have my whole Etsy retail store plus the 2 weaving WIP’s and a few other one of a kind objects at the Multnomah Days booth.

Now  – I am thinking about coffee…. (and daydreaming about bourbon. 😛 )