KnitPunk actually began years ago.

Deep in my heart, many, many, many years ago.

Not when I started weaving and incorporating my knit knowledge.

Not when I started doing lace knits.

Not when I broke free of “safe” rectangular knit scarves.

Not even when I originally learned to knit.

Not when I was working at a very desk job in suits and going to punk, goth, rockabilly shows in my free time.

Not even when I was experimenting in college..

This began with my point of view. A perspective of the messed up and forced uniformity in the world since my youth.  A lifestyle of sustainability with up-cycling, re-cycling and retaining skills handed down from our elders here in the PNW.

This is passive anarchy.

What is passive anarchy? Well, I am sure you have your own words for both parts of it.

This is part of what Google defines… Passive: without active response or resistance. Anarchy: a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority.

In my vision, it is a way to push against the grain. It is squeezing that balloon. It is walking against the flow of the crowd. Not pushing, Not shoving, Not breaking through the wall or bursting the balloon. Just being unique. Not being a lemming. Not having an ACTIVE resistance. That does not mean NO resistance. It is bending with the wind and springing back to our own shape. Anarchy? Seems kind of strong doesn’t it?   It is.   Non-recognition of authority. Your ability to represent yourself and a true authentic self requires a little bit of anarchy. I choose not to recognize many levels of authority. The fashion media, social negativity, news pushers, celeb trend makers.   These things DO NOT DEFINE ME.   THEY DO NOT DEFINE YOU.

KnitPunk is my venture into making fun and interesting knits for people to love and wear. It is functional three-dimensional soft sculpture art. No two pieces will ever be identical. Wear them how you feel them. There are no “rules” here on what you are allowed or should wear these creations with. Rock ’em with a hoodie, flip-flops, leather pants. a tube top, plaid knickers and boots, hell, even your damned bathrobe. Whatever gives you joy in your life. Be who you want to be. You are not a lemming.

You can rock KnitPunk like no one else can.


With love and pyramid studs…



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