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Plea to the “allies” in our communities.

To all of the allies out there.

That are loud and “proud” for us queers on social media.
That are shouting love and support from internet rooftops.
I need you to do me a solid.

Along with shouting love and support (I never want to take that for granted) I need you to do something harder. Something that will cause discomfort.
Something that requires intention and directness.
Something that may put you at an emotional risk.
Something that I need you to be strong for.

I need you to engage those around you, in your daily life, and educate, debate, help people that……

Pay, Cost, Value, Worth…

So…. I am ruminating on how prices are created.

Particularly, how we as creatives value ourselves when we compare to the market.

We see materials, things, stuff at markets, malls, shops, stores all over the country, day and night, that are pushed in front of your faces ON SALE, LIMITED QUANTITY, BUY NOW, or conveniently placed under you nose at the check out. These items are made to last a month maybe two. They are hastily produced, with cheap materials. but they are here, there, everywhere to supply your every need – even needs you did not know you had.

How do we……