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Craftcation 2016

This early April I got the chance to do something amazing.

a conference.

ok – for many of you that is FAR from amazing. Still, this is my 1st conference that I attended to improve my skills, knowledge, network and focus of kNiTpUnK…

wow. it was a doozy.

Not only did I get a motivational kick in the arse, I was able to meet with so many intelligent, charismatic, savvy and talented people (mostly women, but not all!) in a really condensed period of time.

I have plans to improve my website, my etsy, my social media strategy, my unboxing experience…. AND NEW PRODUCT IDEAS!


Growing Opportunities

You may have also noticed, the webpage had a bit of a “makeover”. There is more info, access to social media and photos of my work. Please poke around, share this page with your friends, subscribe to my mail list and check back!

I keep hearing this week “A rising tide lifts all boats” and it makes me think about doing what I can to raise the “boats” in my network. These are local makers in the Pacific Northwest that all have their own skill/ability and are sharing their talents with the world.

Give a peek to the “kNiTpUnK Creative Tribe” on……




reading. jamming. planting. loving. running. napping. sketching.

Lets all do more.

Making something with your own skills is a super rewarding thing. It does not have to be a hand crafted porcelain ornament, it could be just keeping a spider plant alive for more than 2 weeks, or making a batch of cupcakes. Maybe you like to photograph others doing their making and this is transitioned into prints, or you are a musician and your product is not visible or touchable but can lift peoples hearts and make them jump and bounce and clap. Maybe you are able to keep that 1958……