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Vote with your dollar

Every time you spend money, you are providing an exchange of value worth the time it took for you to earn that money. You are telling the maker/grower/manufacturer that their products and their business actions and in many cases, their politics and religious beliefs  align with your own belief/views. You are providing them means to be a voice on your behalf. You are supporting their networks and goals. In many cases, that is OK! There are a large number of businesses and people doing business that use their skills/network/money for the greater good.

however…  there are a bunch that are not.



The cool is upon us. TIME TO GET SOME KNITS!

I have more goodies coming to the Etsy store shortly.

In other Etsy news, the PINS OF DOOM have been highlighted in a curated collection for this 2015 fall.. Check the Leaf Peepers!

2 upcoming events where you can touch the goods and ask me questions direct:

Winter Cheerfest – 11/14/2015 – 11000 SW 11th St, #420, Beaverton, 97005
St. Paul’s Church Holiday Bazaar – 12/5/2015 – 3880 SE Brooklyn St, PDX, 97202

See you soon!


Growing Opportunities

You may have also noticed, the webpage had a bit of a “makeover”. There is more info, access to social media and photos of my work. Please poke around, share this page with your friends, subscribe to my mail list and check back!

I keep hearing this week “A rising tide lifts all boats” and it makes me think about doing what I can to raise the “boats” in my network. These are local makers in the Pacific Northwest that all have their own skill/ability and are sharing their talents with the world.

Give a peek to the “kNiTpUnK Creative Tribe” on……

Pay, Cost, Value, Worth…

So…. I am ruminating on how prices are created.

Particularly, how we as creatives value ourselves when we compare to the market.

We see materials, things, stuff at markets, malls, shops, stores all over the country, day and night, that are pushed in front of your faces ON SALE, LIMITED QUANTITY, BUY NOW, or conveniently placed under you nose at the check out. These items are made to last a month maybe two. They are hastily produced, with cheap materials. but they are here, there, everywhere to supply your every need – even needs you did not know you had.

How do we……


I am less than a week from handing off my fall creations to the Sarah J Jewelry boutique!

I am 1 month away from Multnomah Days where I will have my lace/detailed knits on display and for sale!

My domains are now routed here. Thanks and praises to help from Ian – the wordpress guru!

Basically, the world keeps turning. I am jumping back on to WIP that has been left hanging. Part of this is due to a local fiber/spinning/weaving/knitting shop that is closing its doors. I was able to aquire linen fiber to work into the project currently warped on Hedwig (the……

So much to do!

I have to whine a little.


It is good. I am never bored. Between knitting every spare moment I get, my day job, my soccer love and home projects, I am surprised I sleep.

No wonder my hair stands up.


Whatchoo lookin at?

Oh Hai!

I am still here – knitting like a mad fiend in the almost 100 degree heat with no AC. This must be a labor of love, because that right there is freaking certifiable.

This has been a super eventful few weeks.  A great day marching with wife and mother in PDX Pride. So much great soccer (and some crap soccer, but hey) to watch in town and on the teevee. Multiple family members visiting from out of town. Wifey’s birthday weekend! Finished a commission mobius cowl I get to hand deliver on Saturday. Passed the 2/3rds complete mark on my……




reading. jamming. planting. loving. running. napping. sketching.

Lets all do more.

Making something with your own skills is a super rewarding thing. It does not have to be a hand crafted porcelain ornament, it could be just keeping a spider plant alive for more than 2 weeks, or making a batch of cupcakes. Maybe you like to photograph others doing their making and this is transitioned into prints, or you are a musician and your product is not visible or touchable but can lift peoples hearts and make them jump and bounce and clap. Maybe you are able to keep that 1958……

So it begins… KnitPunk – Passive anarchy for all

KnitPunk actually began years ago.

Deep in my heart, many, many, many years ago.

Not when I started weaving and incorporating my knit knowledge.

Not when I started doing lace knits.

Not when I broke free of “safe” rectangular knit scarves.

Not even when I originally learned to knit.

Not when I was working at a very desk job in suits and going to punk, goth, rockabilly shows in my free time.

Not even when I was experimenting in college..

This began with my point of view. A perspective of the messed up and forced uniformity in the world since my youth.  A lifestyle of sustainability with up-cycling, re-cycling and……