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Craftcation 2016

This early April I got the chance to do something amazing.

a conference.

ok – for many of you that is FAR from amazing. Still, this is my 1st conference that I attended to improve my skills, knowledge, network and focus of kNiTpUnK…

wow. it was a doozy.

Not only did I get a motivational kick in the arse, I was able to meet with so many intelligent, charismatic, savvy and talented people (mostly women, but not all!) in a really condensed period of time.

I have plans to improve my website, my etsy, my social media strategy, my unboxing experience…. AND NEW PRODUCT IDEAS!


Growing Opportunities

You may have also noticed, the webpage had a bit of a “makeover”. There is more info, access to social media and photos of my work. Please poke around, share this page with your friends, subscribe to my mail list and check back!

I keep hearing this week “A rising tide lifts all boats” and it makes me think about doing what I can to raise the “boats” in my network. These are local makers in the Pacific Northwest that all have their own skill/ability and are sharing their talents with the world.

Give a peek to the “kNiTpUnK Creative Tribe” on……

Whatchoo lookin at?

Oh Hai!

I am still here – knitting like a mad fiend in the almost 100 degree heat with no AC. This must be a labor of love, because that right there is freaking certifiable.

This has been a super eventful few weeks.  A great day marching with wife and mother in PDX Pride. So much great soccer (and some crap soccer, but hey) to watch in town and on the teevee. Multiple family members visiting from out of town. Wifey’s birthday weekend! Finished a commission mobius cowl I get to hand deliver on Saturday. Passed the 2/3rds complete mark on my……