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Color and Memory

Color is such a notable part of our lives, and we often take for granted how much it triggers our memories. Like smells or music, your brain-pan will file small bits away and as whole days fade away, snippets of moments are captured, in your subconscious, till that color/tone/lighting reminds you of something from your childhood, or your teens, or that time you married….years pass, but there is, like it was just moments ago, in your minds eye.

Along with my own opinions on this based off my own experiences, as someone that is hugely effected by color, there is some science……

Whatchoo lookin at?

Oh Hai!

I am still here – knitting like a mad fiend in the almost 100 degree heat with no AC. This must be a labor of love, because that right there is freaking certifiable.

This has been a super eventful few weeks.  A great day marching with wife and mother in PDX Pride. So much great soccer (and some crap soccer, but hey) to watch in town and on the teevee. Multiple family members visiting from out of town. Wifey’s birthday weekend! Finished a commission mobius cowl I get to hand deliver on Saturday. Passed the 2/3rds complete mark on my……

So it begins… KnitPunk – Passive anarchy for all

KnitPunk actually began years ago.

Deep in my heart, many, many, many years ago.

Not when I started weaving and incorporating my knit knowledge.

Not when I started doing lace knits.

Not when I broke free of “safe” rectangular knit scarves.

Not even when I originally learned to knit.

Not when I was working at a very desk job in suits and going to punk, goth, rockabilly shows in my free time.

Not even when I was experimenting in college..

This began with my point of view. A perspective of the messed up and forced uniformity in the world since my youth.  A lifestyle of sustainability with up-cycling, re-cycling and……