I need your help.

Wondering how may people out there have ideas constantly bouncing around in their noggins? What do you do about it?

I am always at a state of needing more time to make the things I am dreaming of in my head. I need to do “normal” (and sometimes less fun) things like work full time to pay the mortgage, do the dishes/laundry, clean out garden beds, play with the pooches, take out the trash, etc.
We all do.
While these things are VERY important to my life, my health and my ability to live, they are also necessary distractions and can consume time that I would LOVE to use on the creation of things. The things in my head that I feel are different, bright, bold, unique and that I want to make and put out to the world for all to see/wear. It can be frustrating, because I feel like I am going to “forget” something before I can get it made. Truth be told, I am not great a journaling and I am trying to sketch everything, but it is SO HARD! How do I capture those ephemeral twists to existing standards when I am almost asleep, driving, doing chores?

Anyway – this post is just a quickie.

Seriously, please, please, please comment and tell me what your tricks are for making all you dream about or methods you use to plan ahead for big ideas that you cannot get to.  I would love to hear! Please share this post – I am seeking input and am wanting to cast a wide net.

Maybe you will inspire a “AH-HA!” moment and help me manage my ball hopper of a brain-pan.

I cannot WAIT to hear from you!

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