Do you ever think about how much effort goes into the creation of what you do/wear/use?

I have been struck silly and meditative a few times over last month where I am just reveling in the fact that every item that I make, I am carefully and intentionally handling every single millimeter of fiber that goes into the project in question.

Whether woven or knit or crochet, I handle every single fiber. Often, multiple times. This does not account for the handling needed to create the fiber in the first place. If I am using hand spun fibers, or fibers that have been specially plyed then that number of handlings and care and investment into this fiber grows.

I just frogged (pulled out) a bunch of projects this week that have been sitting in limbo… Now I have a big bag of hope! These could be ANYTHING now! Every stretch of fiber, ball of yarn, batt waiting to be spun is a form of hope. of promise… of looking forward to our future. These are all processes and steps that happen before you buy it on etsy or get as a gift from a friend. The amount of love, and cherish in this craft is immense.

Short and sweet post.

Something to think about.

Something to observe and chew on for a short bit.

Wishing you all a ball of yarn with A LOT of yardage..Sundaze


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