Why just sit and stare at your phone?

What about in a tunnel?

Get motion sick?

There are great things to do with your time. Playing a game, posting meme’s on facebook, twittering about your coffee can chew up minutes, but when you are all done, and you get to where you are going, what have you gained?

I am a BIG FAN of reading, but I tend to get carsick when reading on a bus/train/car. So… MAKE SOMETHING!!

A few ideas: knitting, crochet, rubber-band bracelets, lap loom, small scale tapestry, embroidery, coloring, braiding, sketching, photography, lucet, you name it…

I want to bring to your attention, Jenice. She is an awesome crafter who is on a big ass road trip, a journey of mostly epic proportion. While she already makes and crafts her own life and small biz, in this case, she intentionally rounded up a bunch of new crafts to work on while travelling. I know this is not your daily commute, but maybe something to think about on your next camping trip?

Give Jenice’s blog a read and I hope it inspires you to try something new. Even if it is just drawing a sketch of something you see on your daily commute. Any art creation spurs new ideas, emotion and perspective.

Something we all need more of – Art and Perspective.

With love and pyramid studs,


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