Every time you spend money, you are providing an exchange of value worth the time it took for you to earn that money. You are telling the maker/grower/manufacturer that their products and their business actions and in many cases, their politics and religious beliefs  align with your own belief/views. You are providing them means to be a voice on your behalf. You are supporting their networks and goals. In many cases, that is OK! There are a large number of businesses and people doing business that use their skills/network/money for the greater good.

however…  there are a bunch that are not.

Fast fashion/fast food/massive corporate entities – these rarely take your physical and mental health to heart. They rarely look at the environmental repercussions. It is far too expensive to keep sustainable practices in mind and make maximum profit. at the same time. Something has got to give and providing an upward trajectory in sales for shareholders rule. The primary goal of making money, thus being the first or one of the first on the available edge of the next trend, or to supply a kind of modified foodstuff, or a vice (like tobacco/alcohol products) that have addictive qualities, but these things do not sustain you. These things do not last.

When you are moving about your day, look at WHO is selling you. How much money do the pump into advertising? What methods of selling are they using? What do they do with the dollars you give them? Are they feeding your local community? Are they supporting your family, friends, neighbors? Are they leading toward the education of equality, or holding up and creating more of a division between classes/genders/races and religions? Be aware that marketing is manipulation of your senses – creating a “need” that was not there and an “urgency” that was not there before.

Now – Flip the coin – move to the light – use your powers for good.

Consider instead the cost/time investment of making something you need using your own ingenuity, sewing something yourself, baking bread, repairing tools, growing your own food. Not only does it give you materials or edibles, it gives you a sense of skill, accomplishment, completion and ability. Share your experiences! You may find that you gain added knowledge from others around you. There is probably someone near you that could trade services/goodies for and then you are supporting yourself and those around you while helping to be a part of a movement to increase our own worth and value in this divided country. Share knowledge and learn crafts/skills/trades from neighbors, grandparents, even taking classes – regardless of credits – to expand your vision and your world view.

Right now, more than ever, we need to defend our planet, our environment, our fellow humans from those that would consume, consume, consume…

With love and pyramid studs,


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