Oh Hai!

I am still here – knitting like a mad fiend in the almost 100 degree heat with no AC. This must be a labor of love, because that right there is freaking certifiable.

This has been a super eventful few weeks.  A great day marching with wife and mother in PDX Pride. So much great soccer (and some crap soccer, but hey) to watch in town and on the teevee. Multiple family members visiting from out of town. Wifey’s birthday weekend! Finished a commission mobius cowl I get to hand deliver on Saturday. Passed the 2/3rds complete mark on my August deadline project. Whew! Expecting to get moving an a collaboration with a fellow soccer fan/small business owner in July.

Anyway, I hope you are taking every chance to do stuff that makes you happy. That you are living your own form of happy. That you are engaging locally and being pumped up by your muse pool. In case you are thinking that sounds awfully squishy, I am not an optimist. I am more like a sarcastic and jaded little ball of driving angst. (yeah – lead foot here) I do have hope that each of our small forms of anarchy can create inspiration and strength in others and as a community we can build a better world than oligarchy we are in. (fun word fun!)


While I am here – I want to put out to the world a few of the things I am seeking. Maybe some networking joy will come my way.

  • Bike tuneup/new tires on the 1974, sparkly as fuck, lime green, 27″ wheel, 10 speed Schwinn road bike. I need a bike I can lock up in public. To be clear – my fave bike (that I have been rolling since ’97) has quick release everything – no can do bruddah. If I locked it in public, every last piece would walk away in 15 min or less.
  • Gutters – I gotta replace em. Anyone in Pacific Northwest with a SCREAMING good referral? Seeking formed aluminum, not multiple sections all gooped together with silicone. I am a frugal bastard. Looking to stretch my dollar. We are intending to put in a rain catchment system eventually too!
  • Hands and tools for house painting. (once we replace those damned gutters)  Gotta do a 1 level ranch. It could be so much worse!
  • Flagstones – What? I like rocks! I am pulling up the grass and putting down rock. Just keeping an ear open for waste/scrap flagstone to add to what I have. Mosaic fill in fun in the dirt.
  • Some tech/help/donation for kNiTpUnK also please!    (for the record, I may have a little help on the way for some of the WordPress goodies. Figured it would not be a bad idea to spread the net tho)
    •  If you know someone that no longer uses fiber/yarn due to sight, lack of interest, arthritis, whatever, I am here to re-purpose this fiber. I love the challenge of making something unique and interesting out of color schemes I did not choose, and mixing different textures/colors. Lace, knit, loom, weave… you name it.
    • Mailchimp assistance – I feel like a chimp trying to get that thing to do what I want. Oiy!
    • WordPress tech assistance – like someone that wants to do some design work to pad their resume and is addicted to this and has fun making this shit work. I am limited on time and I feel like what I am seeking should not be so challenging, but I seem to be stumbling here. My blog should be more than just a blog. I have hopes that is would be a more functional site with easy to find info on how to buy my products, hire me, or show off my skills and creations. I don’t feel like it is doing that. I still want to blog/vent/say hi, but I would love it to do other things too!
      • buttons for social media
      • contact/hire me form
      • button to items for sale
      • photo collection of past work
      • maybe even a donate fiber button?

Well, That is my rambling for today – I need to go knit some shit.

~~ Sundaze~~

BTW – The featured image is badass and you can purchase stuff that has this United Skull of America on them.   Check it here: http://skulladay.blogspot.com/2011/03/united-skull-of-america-ii-x-gallery.html