A few little updates for any interested parties. (like ALL OF YOU!)

You may be wondering where you can find my stuff. Currently on Etsy (I kno, I know… that’s original… leSigh. it is a tool at my immediate disposal.) and building up stock for a local Boutique; Sarah J Jewelry in Multnomah Village. Go check out her store! Seriously! It is raw and refined. Bare creations from local artists and elegantly finished vision.

Sarah J Jewelry site

I am also working on a few collaborative efforts with other local entrepreneurs, but I don’t think the cat should be let out of the bag quite yet…. (“Bollocks!” you say? Well, you crazy cats, I need to make sure I can supply enough of the goodness before I say there is goodness to acquire, right!?!)

If you have not somehow through my FB and Twitter posts checked out local 2 artists that really inspire me, you should.

These are the Etsy shops for Sarah Meranda at Magpie Mouse Studios and Kirista Trask Art.

Magpie Mouse Studios

Kirista Trask Art

In case you still don’t know where to find me at the kNiTpUnK shop

I can also be stalked on FB under my name (Sunday White) and on Twitter at @Sun_Daze_11

You may be asking about the “punk” nature of this adventure. I do have ideas brewing in my noggin that will bring more of the commonly known imagery of “punk” to mind (studs, leather, black, strong, loud) but I want to clarify something. To me punk is not just the image that culture has shoved down our throats. Punk is being who you are, and loving it, and owning it, even (especially) if that is not the standard. Confidence in your life is punk. Making your mind up to make you happy is punk. In this way, I may make items that seem “not punk” to you, but the process, materials and end result make me happy. They are a joy to create and just because they are not safety pinned or sewn together with freebie hotel dental floss does not mean they are not or can not be punk. You make them punk.

Do what make you explosively happy.

I do.

With laughter and excitement and dancing to loud music in my car…



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